Refresh & Recycle in partnership with Collect-A-Can

We make sure that every event of ours is environmentally friendly with your help! Remember that beverage cans are 100% and infinitely recyclable. In South Africa we collect over 72% of all cans manufactured for recycling. FYI: That’s a whole lot more than any other form of beverage pack. Remember that used, empty cans are worth money! Over 200 000 otherwise unemployed people in SA are able to earn a living simply by collecting cans for recycling. Opportunity lies in every empty can!

Check back soon for the status of our can collections!


    Cans collected in Cape Town

Collect-a-Can will be at every event to ensure that all cans consumed are collected for recycling and what’s more ¬†we will donate the Rand value of the weight of cans collected to a deserving local charity after each event! So let’s meet soon to enjoy ourselves safely and responsibly...with a can in hand!


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