Refresh your thinking...

...Refresh our world and refresh the way you play!

CAN DO! presents the CAN DO! REFRESH TOUR!! You asked for it and now you’ve got it - ┬áCAN DO! is officially coming to a venue near you AND we are bringing massive fun with cans! We will be visiting each and every of our 9 beautiful provinces during 2014. We are hosting FREE, CAN ONLY concerts with Mzanzi’s favourite performers in celebration of 20 years of freedom through music! In partnership with the SABC and Collect-a-Can we are going to rock your world and REFRESH the way you play.

Refresh the way you play!

1) Find a party every weeCANd at a kasi near you!
2) CAN DO! events: During 2014 we will host over 35 awesome CAN DO! style events for YOU this year as only we CAN!
3) 9 CAN DO! Refresh concerts; 26 CAN DO! Vibes Parties at the best can stockists.

So watch this space for more details!

#WeCan Tavern Parties | Weekly Gig Guide

check out the gig guide for can do! summer events!

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